Sky Shark PT Series Tubes

Sky Shark™ Competition Air Frames are world renowned as the very best competition tubes. It is no wonder, the best flyers in the world use Sky Shark™ Air Frames. The facts speak for themselves, there is no equal to the weight to stiffness of Sky Shark™. The consistent quality of the fibers and tubes offer un-matched reliability and performance. Sky Shark™ is commited to bringing the the very best to kite flyers of all abilities. Whatever level of kite you fly or manufacture, use the very best products, Sky Shark Kite™ Products.
The New Sky Shark™ PT Series Tapered Competition Air Frames arehere!.
We believe that they are the very best Air Frames available. These new tapered air frames are exceptional. We have increased stiffness up to 50%. What's the secret? New material combinations!
All of our Sky Shark PT series tapered tubes are made on the same mandrels. This means that all of the inside diameters are the same, at .244 I.D. You can use a .2400 or 6mm ferrule across the range.
I want to interject at this point to explain what has transpired in the transition from original Sky Shark to the new series of Sky Shark ll tubes:
2pt at 32.5"
The old tubes had a build up of material between 10" and 12.75" from the large end . This was done to make the tube stronger where the lower connectors are placed in the leading edge pockets. This was only good if the kite design fit the application of the build up placement. We also built up the small end about 2" to stop any crushing. The tubes always weighed about 8 grams. It is also important to note that there is sometimes a variance of weight on wrapped tubes because the material can vary from batch to batch depending on the resin content. We've stopped putting the upper build up on the tubes. After lots of discussion with flyers it seemed if tubes were breaking they were breaking at the transition from the build-up to the body of the tube. The build up area was causing a stress riser (weak area). We continued with the build up at the tip and we also went to a different material which increased strength. But to keep the tubes as stiff we had to make the new tubes a gram heavier. We also had to do this with the 2p. As far as replacements with the old, you could not tell the difference.
3pt -32.5"
The only change here is that we also did away with the build up area at the 10" to 12.75" area for the same reasons. The weight stayed the same with the new material. The deflection is the same and the tube is very strong for it's 12 to 12.5 gram weight.
No real change , if anything the tube is more durable than ever. The weight is16 grams.
No real change. It's our stiffest tapered tube. Weight 20 grams.
All 40'' tapered tubes stayed the same.
New Zero-Air
Use .240 or 6mm tube for a ferule.

Tube Specifications:

Tube Inches CM Grams LG. End O.D. LG. End I.D. Wall SM. End O.D. SM. End I.D. Wall
Zero-Air 32.5 82.6 7.0 0.275 0.242 0.016 0.204 0.174 0.021
2PT 32.5 82.6 9.0 0.285 0.244 0.020 0.220 0.178 0.015
3PT 32.5 82.6 12.5 0.295 0.244 0.025 0.220 0.174 0.023
5PT 32.5 82.6 15.0 0.312 0.244 0.034 0.234 0.180 0.027
7PT 32.5 82.6 20.0 0.330 0.244 0.043 0.235 0.180 0.027
2PT 40.0 101.6 10.5 0.290 0.244 0.023 0.205 0.160 0.023
3PT 40.0 101.6 15.0 0.308 0.244 0.032 0.208 0.160 0.024
5PT 40.0 101.6 18.5 0.310 0.244 0.033 0.215 0.160 0.027
7PT 40.0 101.6 24.0 0.320 0.244 0.038 0.230 0.164 0.033